Blessed More = Stressed Less

romans 12


We have been going through Tracie Miles “Stressed-Less Living” with Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study.

One of the challenges was to think of 5 things God has blessed me with.  Then to try to continue to think of more.  Challenge Accepted!

1. Salvation-Thank You, Jesus for your sacrifice!

2. Marriage- Even with the ups and downs, my husband is my love and best friend.

3. Children-  I was blessed with 3 that are a joy and frustration! 😀  Thank God for all the memories they have given me.

4. A Home- Thank God for a home we all fit in, and that we’ve been able to open it to family and friends, for bbq’s, birthdays, dinners, talks, bible studies and even a home for some when the needed one.

5 Vehicles-We are blessed to have a truck for my hubby, an SUV for me, and a car our daughters can share(which they could do better LOL)

6. Jobs-My hubby has been with the same company since 1999, and I have been with Edible Arrangements for 6 yrs.  We are blessed to have a job that covers all our majors and one that let’s us have a little extra.

7. Our Church- I love our Vineyard church.  Our pastor’s style really speaks to me.  Even though we are big, I have met a lot of people.  We’ve been able to share it with friends and family.

8.  Our Extended Family-My husband has MANY siblings that live close.  It’s blessed our children to be able to grow up with their cousins, Aunts & Uncles.  Even though my family MOSTLY lives out of state, we are able to Skype and talk on the phone.

9.Proverbs 31 Ministries-Finding Proverbs 31 was a wonderful “God Thing”  I have been blessed with their devotions and REALLY BLESSED by Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study.  I have found a community of women who love God and deeply desire to grow and share their faith!

10.Snow-Living in Colorado can be very dry.  SO, even though the calendar says “spring”, I will take the snow that helps bring out snowpack levels up, easing drought conditions.

11. Seedlings-  I am attempting to grown vegetables.  I am usually more of “black” thumb than green.  I prayed over the seeds I planted and God has helped them to grow! I pray He continues to bless my little garden this summer.

12.UNFROSTED Strawberry Pop-Tarts-  I Love them, ok!

13.Pets- I love my silly german shepherds and my bratty Siamese mix cat.

14. Challenges- Rough situations, while not always fun going through, help me to grow and learn.

15.Mountains-God blessed Colorado with some amazing ones.  They remind me of the majesty of God.

Ok, I could go on and on and on and on…………………..BUT I have to sleep.

I hope you find similar blessings, or a new perspective in finding your own.  Pray for God to challenge you to see things through His eyes.


12 thoughts on “Blessed More = Stressed Less

  1. I love your list of blessings! Thank you for sharing! One thing this Bible studying is really helping me with is refocusing my thoughts to positives instead of negatives! I’m glad you are being blessed by this ministry too! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing just a glimpse into your blessings! It really makes me want to start writing my blessings down each day. I need to finish reading One Thousand Gifts. Thanks again for sharing….love it!


  3. I love your blessings blog. I too go to the Vineyard Church but in Illinois. I have thought I’d like to write a blog but haven’t.

  4. Great post! I lived in Denver for awhile and I am with you on the mountains! I live in New Mexico (born here and came back here 😉 ) I love that we can go to the mountains near us or the plains. God’s creation is so amazing! Have a blessed day!

  5. Isn’t it fun to write a list like this? I always find that when I start looking for blessings, they come out of nowhere!
    I love that your kids are “a joy and a frustration”. That describes it VERY well!

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