The Sound of Silence?

Really?  Let.It.Go study you are stretching me so much.  One of our recent challenges was to be quiet and listen for God to speak to us.  When I make this an intentional exercise, I suddenly get ADD.  I think of every other thing possible and my brain refuses to SHUT UP!  It is a really taxing exercise.

This is not to say I did not do the exercise.  I did do it and I did hear from God.  Does anyone else spend quiet time with God in the shower?  I find there are less distractions there.  I mean really your just washing, it’s not rocket science and doesn’t require a lot of attention.  So I asked God to help me focus on and Him, and really tried to listen. 

Guess what?  The God who made me, He knows I have quiet time ADD! I really didn’t hear anything in the shower from God, ok, maybe a chuckle.  He had to have, I was trying to redirect all those stray thoughts to QUIET!  So, I got out and as I was drying off and getting ready for my day,  thought about one of my email inboxes and how I needed to clean it out.  BOOM!  God broke in!

He told me that that is like my quiet time with Him.  There is so much Junk and Spam vying for my attention, that it’s hard to focus on Him.  Thanks for the picture God.  So, I am trying to read God’s “email” and delete all the spam. 

Thankfully God also talks to me through music.  I have always connected with music.  In high school psychology, we had to say which sense we would hate to lose, and I said hearing.  I could not imagine a life with no music. 

I like to listen to Christian radio overnight when sleeping.  God just shows me His love by having a song playing that  really connect to as my brain wakes up.  It’s like Him saying “Good Morning, time to wake up!”  It really starts my day on the right track.  Sometimes, music brings me revelation, peace, exhilaration and so much more.  I can understand David’s heart to sing and dance for the Lord. If you saw me in my alone time of praise and worship, I think it would look something like that. 

Psalm 150:4   Praise Him with the tambourine and dancing; praise Him with strings and flutes!

This song makes me want to share God’s love and live this life for Him better!   I hope it encourages you too!


7 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your quiet time. I, like you, suffer from I am a serious multi-tasker and have been since I can remember. Praise God that recently He showed me how to slow down and just sit. He honored mr by sharing something with me. I wish I could say that I have since sat down EVERY DAY to share again but I have not been successful.

    My mother had a saying, “Hope Springs Eternal”, so I know that I will keep trying. And the best thing is that I know that God will be there waiting for me for His love knows no bounds.

    I truly enjoyed that video, thank you for sharing.

  2. I can SO relate. Especially to the “BOOM” that we hear when we least expect it! I loved this post and found myself nodding in agreement. Often! Quiet Time ADD. Must. Remember. That!

  3. Music is so important to my life! This past week I have been listening to a calming Christian song right before bed. It really helps me to clear my head and it’s like God is tucking me in! I think I will keep on doing it.

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