OOOOHHHH!! Shiny!!!

As I was reading through Chapter 2, I was really struck with how much my heart and soul longs to live a quieter, simpler life. Notice, I did not say easier! I remember reading the Little House books myself, I loved how simple it all was.
I was thinking how their Christmas was not so focused on gifts, but on family and being thankful for whatever was given. We live in such a “Oooohhh Shiny” culture, we clamor and fight for the newest technology. We strive to have that awesome car. We want a vacation at Disney or in Mexico, or Europe. We get so caught up in toys and tangents, we forget to focus the tools and things that bring us closer to the one that gives us the best gifts, our Father God.
I am hoping and praying God brings us to a new house with land. In all honesty, I want a smaller house, but want more land. I want to garden, to raise dairy goats, and get alpacas. I want to enjoy some of those simpler things. I want to work on our land with lovely animals, praying and talking to God while doing it. I want to let go of some of the Tv and computer that so easily can become a tangent in my life.
This could all just be my dream, I am still actively trying to seek God’s will. I am also doing the Let.It.Go study to make sure I am learning to let God have control, and not push my will or let my selfish wants get in the way.
God is teaching me to be content where I am “I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.” Philippians 4:12 NLT So, I am praying I can learn to not say “oooohhh shiny” as much and replace it with “Thank you, God”


8 thoughts on “OOOOHHHH!! Shiny!!!

  1. I love your post! Chapter 2 really hit home with me b/c i am guilty of sitting in a room with my family and my head is stuck in my phone, iPad or computer. Ridiculous! I am struggling with being content, as a lot of women probably do. You have great reminders who our provider is and who fills our every need. Your words are a blessing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh, don’t you hate those tangents! I, too, would love to live the simpler life were there aren’t all the gadgets. I remember when we would tie a string to two cans and communicate. Love your post!


  3. Hi Anna,

    I loved loved your post. I am not a writer so I am marveled by others who write so well including you. Your dreams of having land and a farm are also my dreams. Considering I have a black thumb and 1/4 acre we just have a small garden 🙂 The thought of just you and God outside is amazing. Being content where we are is major for me. I have been called to lead women and I have been called to be a stay at home mom and wife. Sometimes, its lonely being a SAHM but this is where I am suppose to be. My oldest is almost 4 so now homeschooling is coming in the mix for the first time ever. Praying on that because I never thought I could do that. Thank you so much for reminding me to just THANK my FATHER! He is so good and so amazing!

  4. I loved the Little House books too. WHen I was a kid I used to pretend I was Laura Ingalls when we went to the Poconos in PA with my grandparents. I loved going there because it was a simple trailer — no running water. It was in the woods, so I used to pretend I was back in that time. I would go and pick blueberries. It was so fun. Ahhhh….the simple times. I would love to get back to that one day too.

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